Jozi Instapics


Modern new Instagram printers for weddings, corporate events and birthday parties

The best way to capture and keep guest photos

Everyone loves snapping and sharing photos on social media. With Jozi InstaPics, we’ve found a way to turn those photos into memories you can forever hold in your hands.

Jozi InstaPics is a stylish new Instagram printer. Each time a guest uses your custom event hashtag, the printer automatically and instantly prints their photo out in glossy high definition. Your guests collect their polaroid-sized copy, while digital versions are all saved in one place for you.

Offering quick and unlimited printing, Jozi InstaPics is a fantastic addition to any wedding, birthday party or corporate event.

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About Jozi InstaPics

Jozi InstaPics is a new venture founded by the Brightmoon team. As photographers and videographers, we’re passionate about capturing your event from every angle – and now that includes making your guests part of the fun!

Our Instagram printer and photobooths have been refined to make the experience as fun and easy-to-use as possible. Our booking system is simple, our service is cost-effective and we offer unlimited printing to suit the needs of any event.


How it works

Take photo with smart phone

Your guests take a photo on their smartphone

Upload photo

They upload their photos to social media and include your custom hashtag (e.g. #SummerEvent2018)

Printing photo

Our printer detects the hashtag and instantly prints out a high quality copy of the photo on-site, for your guests to keep

Get the Jozi InstaPics Instagram printer for
R3200 for two hours with unlimited prints
(option to extend at R1000 per hour)


How it works

Take photo

Your guests take a photo with the photobooth camera by following the on-screen instructions

Copies of photos printed

Two copies of their photos get printed. Each photo strip consists of 4 photos & the design on the strip can be customised

Guest keeps one photo strip and the other strip is pasted in the guest book

Your guests get to keep the one photo strip and the other gets pasted in your guestbook where your guests can write messages

Get the Jozi InstaPics Photobooth for
R3200 for two hours with unlimited prints
(option to extend at R1000 per hour)

All images will also be given to you on USB


cell: 082 4422 165